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The Unhinged Cooler Rises Above the Competition

Designed in a garage by a thermodynamics expert, this new cooler outperforms the leading competition by 23%. Maluna’s crowdfunded Unhinged Cooler®, which raised more than double its goal on Kickstarter and became one of the top 0.08% campaigns in the site’s history, is poised to take the premium cooler market by storm. The cooler, designed by thermodynamics expert Scott Hoyt, features an innovative “unhinged” design and has three patents pending.


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“The seal on the lid is the most important part of a cooler,” says Scott. “Heat acts a lot like electricity or water. It seeks the path of least resistance and can enter through even the smallest opening.” Unsatisfied with the performance of existing premium coolers, Scott, who previously designed an award-winning cold food shipper, set out to build a better cooler 2 years ago. In his garage, he used a saw to dissect every premium cooler he could get his hands on and began designing solutions to create the best thermal retention possible. “Even three-inch thick insulation won’t help if the cooler isn’t properly sealed,” adds Scott. “The seal has to be as tight as possible.”

While other coolers only fasten the front of their lids, Scott’s design includes tensioning straps on a floating hinge that tighten the back as well. The self-tensioning straps automatically tighten the lid along its full perimeter creating a complete seal. That patent-pending design along with tapered walls and a high-performance seal help Scott’s cooler hold ice longer than others. Laboratory thermal chamber tests show the Unhinged Cooler® outperforming the YETI® Tundra® by more than 23%.

The innovative features extend beyond the cooler’s seal. An available patent-pending thermometer drain plug, shows the exact temperature inside the cooler. Sensors inside the cooler display the temperature on an external display so that users can make sure their food is safely stored and their drinks are perfectly chilled without having to open the cooler. A hidden pressure regulator avoids vacuum lock in extreme conditions, where other coolers become stuck shut. The cooler sits on reversible feet that feature a non-slip, non-marking side perfect for boating, and a hard nylon side for sliding into the back of a pickup truck which is preferred by hunters.

The Unhinged Cooler® does not just outlast others in temperature retention but also in durability. The rotomolded cooler is built with an ultra-tough, proprietary shell inspired by military applications and rated USDA food grade safe. Every cooler sold by Maluna comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Ergonomic handles are designed to maximize comfort and stability whether being lifted palms-in by one person or carried palms-out on each handle by two people. Molded from the same durable material, they can be used to fasten the cooler down with a strap on both sides, and can also be used to secure it with a cable lock in the back of a truck. Unlike other coolers that strap the lid down, fastening the Unhinged Cooler down by its durable handles allows users continuous access to the cooler’s contents. Each Maluna cooler also includes a dry goods basket and a stainless steel bottle opener.

Even with these innovative features, high quality, and extreme performance, Scott priced his Unhinged Cooler® lower than its competitors. “I wanted to show that you could make a cooler that outperformed and outlasted without having to overpay,” he says. Maluna’s line of Unhinged Coolers®, while outperforming the YETI® Tundra® by 23%, are also priced nearly 20% lower.

Maluna® Unhinged Coolers® are available at, come with a lifetime warranty, and ship free to the continental United States.