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The Unsinkable® Polarized Rival Sunglass

Unsinkable® Polarized wants you to Be Unsinkable® while on the water, so they have created the Ultimate Watersports Sunglass—floating frames, all polarized lenses, and a Lifetime + Loss Warranty.


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They have developed a naturally buoyant frame material known as Vaporlite™ which is 20% lighter but has the look and feel of ordinary sunglasses. And just in case they float away, their ground-breaking Lifetime + Loss™ Warranty has you completely covered.

The featured Rival sunglass in color Raven with a ColorBlast Grey Lens has a larger fit size with full wrap coverage for long days on the water (MSRP: $139). The ColorBlast polarized lens technology filters the blue light which makes colors blast.

For more details on all styles, colors, and technology, please visit our website: