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Three South Florida Outdoorsmen launch ‘Bone On’ Fishing and Outdoor Apparel

Florida – Three diverse outdoorsmen, one each from Wyoming, Florida and California, started a brand called “Bone On” fishing and outdoor apparel brand after having a near perfect day off the Florida coast.  “We just slayed them.  It was one of those days where it was one fish after the other.  None of us had experienced such constant action out there before.  By the end of the day we were exhausted,” said Brad Geuke, Co-Founder.  “Over beers I was toasting my son Austin Brother, brother Waylon Geuke and Eli McGinty cheering ‘Here’s to the Bone On!’ which was the name of the boat we’d just fished building as a celebration of our lives, within an hour we were moving forward with the brand.”


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Bone On’s Fall line up is an even mix of technical and casual wears, gear as diverse as the founders themselves.  Their 100% cotton Chambrays and Henley’s get softer and actually improve over time.  Their Bone Dry Technology offers ultimate performance on and off the water for their technical line up.  A wide variety of carefully curated graphic tees and hats round out the line.  They offer a lot of solutions whether you’re fishing or hunting in the backcountry, or just out on the town.

Eli Mcginty co-founder and creative director it’s all part of the balance.  “We hunt, we fish, we adventure where ever we go it’s about a state of mind, for us it’s a constant pursuit.  That day we spoke about wanting to share that excitement we have for life and the adventures we share in, and that is what defines Bone On’s culture all family community and sharing that constant pursuit for adventure  

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About Bone On
” We love the endless journeys one can discover, fishing the flats of Florida’s extensive Coastline with our friends and dogs, searching the stream of the Colorado’s or the Giants Redwood Forest of California. ”When we set out to create apparel that met the demands of this compilation lifestyle, we were searching for something different. So we decided to examine the design and support of the Frontiersman and Florida Natives creating apparel that could offer the adventurer all there needs and stay comfortable and stylish. Constructed to keep water off your skin and out of your clothes, Bone On Sportswear’s new BoneDry technology resist’s water, is non-microbial and focuses on keeping the sun at bay in that endless pursuit for that perfect catch. With serious attention to detail and craftsmanship, Bone On Sportswear’s design reflects the progressive pursuit of nature’s bounty. The result is a perfect fit for a modern frontiersman.