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ThrowRaft TD2401

The square cushion and the ring buoy officially have competition.

The U.S. Coast Guard approves the first Inflatable Type IV Throwable Device – ThrowRaft’s innovative TD2401.

July 8, 2015 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – This week, ThrowRaft released its newest product: the TD2401, an inflatable throwable PFD that is lightweight, re-packable, and can be stored for easy access. It can be manually activated to inflate and will auto-inflate when submerged underwater.


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The ThrowRaft TD2401 is U.S. Coast Guard approved and has helped create a new standard for inflatable throwable devices in the personal flotation device (PFD) industry. It’s a new Type IV throwable device, alongside the square cushion, ring buoy, and horseshoe buoy.

The TD2401 is packed at 11 x 4 inches and expands to 22 x 21 inches when deployed, via manual toggle pull or automatic underwater deployment. In a packed state, it is nine times smaller than the ring buoy and five times smaller than the square cushion. Deployed, it has a minimum buoyancy of 20 pounds and can be used as a buoyancy aid—with a bright yellow design intended for high visibility in a search-and-rescue situation.

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