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Stuart, FL, – Titan Knife Technologies has just released seven new American-made titanium fillet knives that use differential hardness on the cutting edge, and has a U.S. Patent for self-sharpening. Holding its sharp edge after years of use, the blades are machined from solid titanium. Titanium is known as a metal that will not rust, is flexible and strong for precision filleting or cutting. Titan Knife Technologies looked to nature to solve the problem of knives whose blade edges dull too quickly. These self sharpening knives work on the same principles that beavers mastered many years ago, mimicking the harder enamel on the front of a beaver’s tooth than on the back, creating a differential in the rate at which both sides wear, keeping a fine edge at the tooth’s tip and likewise the knife’s edge.


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The new knives range from 6 to 10 inches in both straight and curved blades. Of the new blade design, Titan Knife President and inventor George Lambert says, “to provide the best possible cut, the blade profile down to the edge is a Convex Grind which has more metal to support the edge, is similar to the edge and design of a Samurai Sword which requires greater skill and additional manufacturing steps, making it an uncommon design. However, to us, the best cutting edge is what we are after. It offers strength, flexibility and reduced friction from the blade.” The knives also feature an exclusive “Expanding Oval Geometry” non-slip handle designed for hours of use. “We believe this may well be the last fillet knife you will ever need.”

Titan Knife manufactures the solid titanium knives in the United States and only uses American made parts. Following a strong ethic of superior customer service, Titan offers a full refund within 90 days, a lifetime warranty, and will re-sharpen, re-carbide, or repair a purchased knife for the length of ownership. A safety designed sheath and sharpening pad designed for our edge should sharpening be needed, also works great on other knives is included in every order. Used extensively as a fillet knife, we’ve had customers use them for a hunting knife, camping knife, utility knife, and general-purpose knife. Many of the Titan Knives can be seen around the campsite, hunters lodges, in the tackle boxes of fisherman and swiped by the cook for use in the kitchen since it slices so well. The blade of the knife can be personalized with text or a company logo. Titan Knife Technology LLC is located in Stuart, Florida, and is accessible on the web at


US Company in Florida, a Knife Manufacturer, Introduces it’s 5th generation Patented Self-Sharpening Fillet Knives that have an “EDGE” on the competition and a “LIFETIME” warranty.

Titan Knives solid titanium blades use; lessons learned from nature, traditional knife making practices and new technology that sharpens the blade as it’s used.

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