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TK619 Wins Best Terminal Tackle

Easily one of the most impressive hooks to come out of the TroKar production room since their Surgically Sharpened Technology hit the fishing industry some four years ago, the “619” is aimed at those anglers looking for a beefier and more robust circle hook when using the heaviest gear.


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The “619” is a true Brute. Available in a medium wire or a heavy wire magnum size, the TK619 offers the stopping power and backbone to haul in the strongest tuna and game fish in the sea. TroKar is also adding a ringed version to both the medium and heavy wire “619”.

“The last few years when we visited and fished both the west and east coast, long-range anglers were begging for a stronger hook that could withstand their abuse, another specific request was ringed hooks,” said Matt Gray, Category Manager for TroKar, “The long-range angler is very knowledgeable and particular when it comes to their fishhooks, and the “619” will deliver what they are craving.”

The complete range of the “619” hook includes (piece count varies by size):

TK619 – Medium Wire, Offset, 1/0 – 6/0
TK619R – Medium Wire, Ringed, Offset, 1/0 – 6/0
TK619i – Medium Wire, Non-Offset, 1/0 – 6/0

TK619H – Heavy Wire, Offset, 4/0 – 12/0
TK619HR – Heavy Wire, Ringed, Offset 4/0 -12/0
TK619Hi – Heavy Wire, Non-Offset, 1/0 – 6/0

The most impressive aspect of the TK619 is the Surgically Sharpened point. Never before has a point this sharp and durable been achievable on such a heavy wire diameter. MSRP $17.99

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