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Tough Guides

Tough Guides is a Saltwater fish identification chart of Florida’s in or near shore species. It is the first of a series of waterproof, tear resistant products that can adapt to any sport or activity providing the user with vital information.


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Tough Guides has a rust resistant grommet with clip to attach it to anything or just fold it up and put it in your pocket. It also has“The Pivot Ruler” it is a ruler printed all 4 sides that can measure anything up to 48 inches by simply pivoting at the corners.

Tough Guides will stand up the to the harshest conditions, it goes where you go. There is no glare on this product, unlike its hard plastic or electronic counterparts, it is super light weight, extremely strong, yet soft to the touch. It is a reliable tool that will keep on giving. Like us on Facebook, Tough Guides.