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Keaton Beach

Trout were more unsure of the Super (Mega) Moon we experienced last week as over-high Hi tides kept the water still/stagnant for longer stands over the weekend. The extra water didn’t create a “Mega” bite…at least not for the trout. But we had an East w-i-n-d blowing over the incoming tide for four days which didn’t help. Trout are beginning to strike plugs but with water temps creeping back up to 82 degrees, they just aren’t smashing them yet. If we can hold in the seventies…Look Out!…then the topwater plugging should take off.


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I took Mitchell and Mason Smith of Newnan, Ga. out Thursday and we brought back 6 trout and 6 reds. Mason caught his first-ever red ! Then Friday we had 9 trout, two reds a blacktip ( Mason) and a 13″ Black Sea Bass. We caught our fish in 2.5 – 3.5 feet of water Thursday, then switched and moved out to 5.5′ – 6′ Friday for the trout after it slicked off. Mitchell caught six varieties of fish on a Super Spook Junior. ( Trout, Red, Jack, Ladyfish, Sailcat and shark) We caught the rest of our catch on live pinfish under Back Bays.

Sunday, I had Pete Giddens and Kay Dillingham of Ocilla, Ga. and we managed five reds and six trout from 2.5 – 3.5 feet of water. These fish ate live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders. Our bite was slow with the too-calm pre-front conditions.

Fish topwater early for the first hour then switch to lipped jerkbaits for the next hour before you pull out your live bait. Our best bite should be on the afternoon incoming tides this weekend, again with live bait under Cajuns and Back Bays

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