True Dual Purpose


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The latest addition to ODYSSEY’s already dominant lineup of batteries enables adventurous anglers a better option to meet the demands of harsh marine applications. A 12-Volt AGM (absorbed glass mat) dry-cell battery, the PC2150 features 1,370 marine cranking amps (MCA), 205 minutes of reserve capacity and a deep cycle capability of 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. The PC2150 also features a specially molded buss bar, which provides increased vibration and rotation protection. Additionally, ODYSSEY incorporated an improved flame arrestor, designed to vent hydrogen gas in the event of severe overcharge. These features increase the efficiency and reliability of the battery’s performance in trolling, starting and powering multiple on-board electronic accessories. Covered by a four–year free replacement warranty, it is also corrosion, explosion, and vibration resistant. Experience the difference with ODYSSEY. ODYSSEY, 800.538.3627,