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True Heading with Lockheed Martin

Danderyd, Sweden – True Heading, a leading manufacturer of Automatic Identification System (AIS) and telematics solutions, announced today they will fulfill a major order from the world’s largest defense contractor, Lockheed Martin.


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Building on a longstanding partnership, True Heading has been selected by Lockheed to supply the AIS RX PRO special receiver. Lockheed will use the receiver as part of its contract with the United States Navy to develop the BLQ-10 system. An electronic warfare support system for U.S. submarines, the BLQ-10 system provides automated intercept capability including: detection, classification, localization and identification of both radar and communications signals.

The AIS RX PRO is designed specifically with receiving capacity only. For navies, it is the best way to have the most secure means to see all AIS traffic transmitted within the available coverage area and can even intercept addressed messages between other AIS stations such as ships, aircraft and ground stations.

It is truly an honor for True Heading to have been selected as the AIS manufacturer of choice for such a complex and cutting-edge project,” says Jens Johansson, CEO, True Heading. “We constantly strive to produce the highest quality products with the most features at a cost effective and competitive price. Nothing demonstrates that we have attained these attributes like being selected by the world’s largest navy

With over 40 years of experience in AIS development, True Heading along with its recreational brand, Seapilot, offers a full range of solutions from aids to navigation to Class A and B transponders. For more information on True Heading’s entire product line of commercial AIS and navigation solutions, please visit

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True Heading NSA, wholly owned subsidiary by the Swedish company True Heading AB (publ), is providing AIS (Automatic Identification System) products and navigation solutions. AIS is now an essential part of safety systems onboard and ashore for navigation, detection of other vessels, or for emergencies. Seapilot, has quickly gained a prominent position in the recreational AIS and navigation applications markets based on the highest of professional standards in functionality and design. Seapilot was the first navigation app to include AIS data and in-app weather. This made Seapilot one of the most popular navigation apps. True Heading and Seapilot manufactures and sells AIS transponders, GPS, compasses, marine safety products and navigation systems. For more information see or