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Clarion’s CMV1

Hit the waves in style this summer with Clarion’s top-of-the-line audio/video entertainment unit. The marine industry’s first watertight head-unit to offer video playback on a front panel color display, Clarion’s CMV1 will enhance your on the water enjoyment. The unique design features a 3.5″ TFT full color display and offers DVD-video, DivX and iPod video playback capabilities. The CMV1 includes Dolby Digital playback, USB input for iPod control, shockproof memory and rear panel AV inputs/outputs—perfect for driving a remote display. To improve digitally compressed sound files, such as MP3/ WMA/AAC, Clarion’s CMV1 features BBE MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation). This process greatly enhances audio clarity by restoring harmonics that are lost through compression. BBE MP enhanced harmonics even make regular CDs sound better. Enjoy a full multimedia experience from video playback to satellite radio with this Bluetooth equipped powerhouse. Clarion, 800.462.5274,