Ultimate Awareness


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NAIS-400 AIS transponder and NSPL-400 antenna splitter

Offering plug-and-play integration with Simrad chartplotter/multifunction displays and VHF devices, the NAIS-400 AIS transponder and NSPL-400 antenna splitter allow boaters to overlay AIS vessel tracking awareness and safety data on their multifunction displays, providing unparalleled on-the-water safety and awareness. The state-of-the-art NAIS-400 is a fully integrated Class-B AIS transponder that shares and regularly updates a vessel’s position for precise situational awareness. Using sophisticated automatic time-sharing technology, which enables the exchange of static information such as MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identifier) number, vessel name, call sign and type, the system also shares dynamic data including course, distance and speed from ship to ship and ship to shore based traffic stations. Simrad Yachting,