Fish IDReef/Wreck

Vermilion Snapper

Description: Color of entire body reddish, with a series of short, irregular lines on its sides, diagonal blue lines formed by spots on the scales above the lateral line; sometimes with yellow streaks below the lateral line; large canine teeth absent; orientation of mouth and eye give it the appearance of looking upward; no dark lateral spot.

Similar Fish: Red snapper, L. campechanus (anal fin of red snapper has midpoint like a triangle).

Where Found: Suspends at mid-depths over rocky reefs offshore.

Size: Usually less than 1 pound.

*Florida Record: n/a.

Remarks: Spawns April to September, females maturing at 3 to 4 years of age; grows slowly; attains weight of 6 pounds and length of 24 inches; feeds on small, swimming crustaceans and mollusks.