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VesselVanguard Expands Platinum Level Services

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. – VesselVanguard, the leading maintenance management solution for boat owners, announced today a series of exciting new enhancements to its popular Platinum Level Service for superyachts, and other sail and power yachts over 70 feet in length. VesselVanguard’s cloud-based subscription service offers robust management of maintenance, service and inspection needs for all standard and aftermarket systems found on these specialized vessels.


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VesselVanguard Expands Platinum Level Services

Building on the success of its superyacht-specific program introduced in 2013, the expanded Platinum Level Service offers a variety of important new features. These include a “Tenders and Toys” system for managing the unique maintenance needs of the myriad add-ons aboard today’s superyachts; unlimited user access to a single boat profile account with customized security levels; personal customer support for account set-up, including digital uploads of all existing insurance, registrations, maintenance histories and other documentation; and one-on-one tutorials for the vessel’s captain, yacht manager, engineers and other service providers. The service’s notification options have also been expanded allowing users to choose to be notified by text message and/or email. To ensure customer satisfaction, VesselVanguard designates a Customer Ambassador for every Platinum Level Member with scheduled quarterly follow-ups.

“Large vessels require large teams to take care of them, many of whom never step onboard,” said Don Hyde, founder and CEO of VesselVanguard. “Our role is to simplify and facilitate the actions of each party in the ecosystem of every boat regardless of where they are—and this requires real-time readiness level updates available at the moment of need. Our work with the U.S. Navy and commercial vessels required an infrastructure to push information and provide appropriate access to authorized users at their level of need. We have extended this platform to our superyacht customers.”

Accessible anywhere, at any time by computer, tablet or smartphone, the VesselVanguard Platinum Service provides a sophisticated access-permissions structure controlled by the owner, captain or fleet manager. Fast, simple and secure, the service provides a means to manage the myriad maintenance and inspection needs of any superyacht, create owner-defined tasks that integrate within the maintenance calendar, and access a central cloud-based repository for registrations, insurance, and other documents. VesselVanguard replaces hundreds of cumbersome paper manuals with an online library of digital manuals, all searchable by keyword, and organizes all the required maintenance and inspection tasks onto one easy-to-use calendar system. To help captains and crew anticipate and accomplish these requirements, VesselVanguard sends Task Alerts to the ship’s personnel, yacht yard, dealer or other designated party—in advance by email or text message, based on elapsed days or hours between required service intervals. Profile administrators can use VesselVanguard to assign and manage these various tasks, while the digital ships’ log records all actions and updates in the online Maintenance History. All related work orders, photos and other files can be uploaded to an owner’s password-protect Boat Profile, where VesselVanguard also organizes registrations, insurance, slip rental, expiration dates and other valuable information that owners want to schedule or track.

VesselVanguard Platinum Level Service has an annual subscription fee of $600, with a setup fee starting at $2,000.00. Setup is fully performed by VesselVanguard staff. For more information please visit