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We want you to love your reel!

Fishing Reel Handles are like opinions among other things…. LOL.
During this limited time offer, purchase any Release Reel you will receive your choice of any crank arm and handle assembly.
(some exceptions apply, limited time offer)


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Burgess, VA:

Here at Release Reels we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and create a better product and what better way to do this than by listening to customer feedback!

After getting feedback on the aluminum magnum handle, we decided something more practical would be a good change for our reels. Further, innovation is at the core of our business so we decided to switch to a softer, rubber handle. This handle was intended to be more comfortable and in a more manageable size for fishing trips in a variety of different conditions for a variety of anglers.

However, it has been brought to our attention, that the customer in fact did enjoy fishing the aluminum handle. Therefore, we are bringing back the aluminum handle, redesigned for practicality with help and input from our valued consumer base. In order to get this new product in customer’s hands and make sure they are happy with their reel, we are offering an incredible deal!

Through the months of November and December any customer that purchases a Release Reel will be given a coupon, good for one handle + crank arm assembly (a $60 value). The only cost to the customer will be an $8 fee to cover shipping. As an added bonus all shops that carry Release Reels will be given a sample of the new handle + crank arm to put in the consumers hands!

We hope that this will allow customers to find exactly what they need to suit their individual needs. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer! Get a 100% USA made reel, backed by a Lifetime Warranty just the way you like it!

/Promo does not cover shipping costs/.

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