BackcountryFish ID


Description: Dark olive or blue-green back; sides covered in tones of blue, purple, lavender, gold, and copper; irregular diagonal rows of baguely-defined dark spots appear above the lateral line; 1 to 2 prominent canine teeth usually present at tip of upper jaw; black margin on tip of the tongue; pelvic and anal fins yellow; pectoral fins olive on outside, yellow underneath.

Similar Fish: Other seatrout.

Where Found: An Atlantic coast fish, possibly found in the extreme southeastern Gulf of Mexico; adults move inshore and north during warm months inhabiting the surf, inlets, bays, channels, and estuaries; adults move offshore and south during cold months; juveniles inhabit estuaries which serve as nurseries.

Size: 2 to 3 pounds.

Remarks: May mature as early as age 1; spawns in nearshore or estuarine areas between April and October; schooling fish; feeds primarily on shrimp and fish.