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The Spotted Tail will be returning to central Florida next week. So this is the final Whale Pass fishing report from us in 2015.

The season was awesome. Some highlights include:
– Susan coming to visit
– Capt. Julian getting a 300 plus pound halibut
– Capt. Kurt getting a 30 plus pound king salmon
– Andy Wilson getting six silver salmon on fly in an hour
– whales, and
– every glacier trip


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I wanted to figure out how to get ocean salmon on fly. I did not get one, but I think I have at least one workable technique. I got a bunch of pinks and several silvers on lightweight jigs using spinning tackle. I just need time and the right conditions to use the same technique with the fly rod. So progress was made!

As far as fishing this week, on Sunday Jim and Tyler Juliano accompanied me to the Cable Hole to fly fish for salmon. When we got there we found three fly fishers already there. Two of them had several pinks strung up. I asked them what they intended to do with the fish. They said they were going to eat them. I asked if they had ever eaten river pinks before. They answered in the affirmative. I asked how they were. The guy from Jackson Hole said, “They taste better than mule deer.”
River pinks may be fun to catch, but they are soft, mushy, and not very good eating. Doesn’t say much for mule deer.
Jim and Tyler, who had never fly fished before, each got several salmon. The pool had a couple thousand fish in it. The pinks are starting to look nasty- the run must be winding down.

The Richards family came in on Wednesday. Julian and I took them out for halibut. Tyler hooked a monster ‘but we estimated at over 200 pounds and fought it to the boat- twice. Longer than the below 42 inch and shorter than the 78 inch reverse slot, we left it in the water, unhooked it, and watched it rocket back into the depths. Awesome. Tyler said he was done. Then he kept fishing. As a group our catch included three keeper halibut and two Pacific cod, not a bad take for a three hour trip.

Thursday the Richards did not want to halibut fish again, prefering to try for salmon. We fished for them a variety of ways- trolling, mooching, and casting to sighted fish. All ways worked a little. Our catch included four silvers, one pink, and several kelp greenling. The silvers were kept. All other fish were released unharmed.

Friday the Richards and I made my last LaConte glacier trip of the year. The glacier was, as always, spectacular. I would like to camp there for several days just to watch and photograph, and do such hiking and climbing as I am still capable of. I am thinking about the end of the 2016 season, should God (and Susan!) be so kind as to allow me another summer in Alaska.

On Saturday the weather is supposed to be miserable (I write this on Friday evening). The Richards and I plan on fly fishing for salmon, both pinks and silvers. Wish us luck! It’s my last Whale Pass fishing day this year, a bittersweet time. New friends say goodbye. Some, important parts of our lives for a short time, we’ll never see again. That’s sad. But we’re going home to see loved ones. That’s glad!

And that, dear readers, is the Last 2015 Whale Pass Fishing Report from Spotted Tail and the Lodge at Whale Pass.

I am taking a bye week next week. No fishing will happen because of travel, unpacking, reunion with family and friends, and sorting through all the business that I’ve ignored for the past three months. See you in two weeks!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

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