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Whitewater Coolers Announce Kickstarter Campaign for Forever Cold Portable Cup Holder Cooler

Biloxi, MS- Whitewater Coolers, a premium quality manufacturer of coolers and other related products, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for their latest creation: the Forever Cold portable cup holder cooling device. Early bird pledges will receive a variety of rewards for their support including hats, T-shirts, and discounted Forever Cold packages.


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Whitewater Coolers

Forever Cold began with an age-old problem in life: hot beer. Most everyone has experienced the unfortunate circumstance of having to drink a hot beer. Whether at a picnic, the beach, tailgating, or out on a fishing expedition, hot beer can quickly put a damper on an otherwise great day.

To address this problem, Whitewater Coolers developed the Forever Cold portable cup holder cooler. Each package is designed to quickly and easily connect a cooling hose to a cooler’s drain port. From there, the device can be hung off the side of the cooler for a convenient spot to place a freshly opened beer.

The magic of Forever Cold happens thanks to the cooling technology of the device itself. Both cup holders are continually cooled to keep beers or other beverages at a much cooler temperature of 40 degrees or below. That way, a beer will stay icy cold even in the hottest weather conditions.

To power the device, a battery and Bluetooth speaker is attached to the front of the Forever Cold package. This provides both the cooling power as well as a convenient way to play music directly from a mobile phone or other device.

With Forever Cold, there’s no need for beer koozies or other inferior cooling methods. Instead, customers can enjoy their beverages icy cold from the moment they’re opened until they’re gone.

The Kickstarter campaign offers backers multiple rewards for their support of the project. These include merchandise such as trucker hats, T-shirts, and polo shirts to full packages of the device itself at highly discounted prices. This campaign will end on May 10, 2017, so interested customers are urged to pledge now before it’s too late.

To learn more about the campaign – or to make a pledge – please visit the Forever Cold Kickstarter page today.

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Whitewater Coolers is a precision cooler manufacturer with one simple mission: to produce high quality products that are highly useful to customers. Everything created by Whitewater Coolers undergoes a stringent amount of testing for durability, function, and useful design. Their goal is to provide their customers with superior solutions that go above and beyond the normal expectations for coolers and related products.